Payment Terminals

Ingenico and Verifone terminals are set up to help you easily begin using a wide range of payment options. To help you get started, below is a full library of resources to get you up and running with your new device.

Instructional Videos




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Quick Tip Guides

Our Quick Tips Guides provide handy payment processing tips and step-by-step directions for your basic transaction types. Select the Quick Tips Guide for your terminal to start processing transactions.


Verifone Quick Tips Guide 

Verifone Cash Advance Application Guide 

Terminal Functions Password: 16682

Ingenico QuickTips Guide

Terminal Functions Password: 2345677F

Ingenico Terminal Download Instructions
Verifone Terminal Download Instructions

Quick Install Guides


Verifone Quick Install Guide

VX520 Quick Install Guide

VX680 3G Quick Install Guide

VX680B Bluetoothâ„¢ Technical Document

VX680 Bluetooth Quick Install Guide

VX680 Quick Install Guide


Ingenico Tetra Restaurant Guide

Ingenico Tetra Retail Guide

iWL250 GPRS Quick Install Guide

Ingenico iWL220BT Quick Install Guide