Cloud Based POS

Our tablet-based, point-of-sale bundles help you sell more and serve customers better wherever they happen to be—inside your business or at an off-site location!


Use this video to set up your Bluetooth mobile payment device to take contactless (mobile wallet) payments.

The talech Software Guide provides detailed instructions on how to set up your register, cash drawer and printer, including setting up employees and customizing your options.

talech Software Guide for Restaurants
talech Software Guide for Retail

Depending on your order, your talech shipment will include the equipment you specified for your business. Please review the guides below to ensure you have all the components you need to start processing transactions.

Elo PayPoint User Guide
talech Hardware Checklist and Guide iCMP EMV Retail Guide
iCMP EMV Restaurant Guide
iCMP Setup Guide

NCR Silver

Tablet based POS Solutions are rapidly changing our industry for the better. Beginning in December’14, Ultimate Payment Solutions is going to launch the NCR Silver, a full point-of-sale and marketing solution that helps customers manage their business even when they can’t be there. NCR Silver is a well known, cloud-based solution that comes with real time back office access from anywhere. It offers automated email and social media marketing and fraud alerts. Throw in 7-day customer support and next-day hardware replacement and life’s about to get a lot easier.

Natural verticals for this product include retail, counter based food sales, mobile businesses and more. The target customer for NCR Silver are small-to-medium businesses (SMB) that fall within the following parameters:

Please reach out to us or your consultant if you’d like to hear more about our suites of products. or (818) 981-8584

Getting Started with NCR Silver Back Office
NCR Silver Chip Transaction Guide
NCR Silver Register Guide