Next Day Funding

We have multiple funding programs available to suit everyone’s needs.
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Early Termination Fee

We don’t believe in holding people hostage by virtue of an ETF, so we just don’t have one, only a 30 day notice to cancel your account is required.

Full Disclosure Pricing

At Ultimate, we pride ourselves on total transparency. There are many ways in our industry to price merchants, from Qualified, Mid-Qualified and Non-Qualified rates to multi-Tiered pricing. Here at Ultimate we price all our merchants with a 100% Pass through Interchange Plus Pricing, the most detailed and transparent pricing model in our industry.

We tell the whole truth up front, and disclose all costs, including those you would never think of asking about. We will not offer teaser rates, low qualified-only rates, or other tricks that will end up costing you more on your “Effective Rate” – the bottom-line amount you actually pay every month.