Ultimate Payment Solutions is a Financial Solutions and Service Provider for merchants across the country. We offer a tremendous opportunity for professional sales people to build a monthly residual income and create their OWN retirement portfolio.

Consider this, typically YOU work for someone and earn your paycheck, and 2, 5 or 15 years down the road, you leave the company and get what? Well, how about earning not only YOUR paycheck, BUT more importantly building YOUR OWN investment portfolio, which grows every single month. Ultimate Payments Solutions offers YOU the following benefits:

Ultimate is looking for sales professionals, part time or full time across the country. You can decide your own time schedule, and which territory you would like to work. You are responsible to acquire new business with no limit to territories and you will be equipped with a toolbox of solutions.

Our culture is founded on strong values, ethical standards, integrity, honesty and full disclosure. If you believe, that YOU have that entrepreneurial spirit, dedication, passion and the vision to create a future for YOU and YOUR family, pleaseĀ Contact Us.