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Cloud Based POS Solutions

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Virtual POS Solutions


NCR Silver

Tablet based POS Solutions are rapidly changing our industry for the better. Beginning in December'14, Ultimate Payment Solutions is going to launch the NCR Silver, a full point-of-sale and marketing solution that helps customers manage their business even when they can't be there. NCR Silver is a well known, cloud-based solution that comes with real time back office access from anywhere. It offers automated email and social media marketing and fraud alerts. Throw in 7-day customer support and next-day hardware replacement and life's about to get a lot easier.

Natural verticals for this product include retail, counter based food sales, mobile businesses and more. The target customer for NCR Silver are small-to-medium businesses (SMB) that fall within the following parameters:

  • Net-new business that is looking to invest for success without the overhead of an expensive legacy POS
  • Customers, who currently uses a cash register or other program that is not integrated with payments
  • Target MCC's
  • Retail
  • Services
  • QSR / counter pay

Please reach out to us or your consultant if you'd like to hear more about our suites of products., office # 818 981 8584

To see more about NCR Silver, please click here or here


Legacy POS Solutions

  • Our partner has developed two major products, a POS system for restaurants and an online ordering solution for restaurants. These products are based on software libraries that have been developed over the last 7 years and allowed our partner to develop Internet based POS applications with huge efficiency.
  • Our partners POS system is unique in its architecture. It is the only hybrid system and offers all of the advantages of local computing with those of Internet solutions. The POS system consists of two main parts. The first consists of a local server in the restaurant that receives information over the wireless local network from the POS terminals (other networked computers). Every five minutes the local server automatically initiates a session with our partners remote server over the Internet. In this session, the database on the local server is synchronized with the database on Our partners server. The local server sends the remote server all the changes that occurred in its configuration and all transactions that happened since the last synchronization. The remote server does the same from its end. Thus in real time, all the transaction data is available for querying and report generation on the remote server.
  • During the same synchronization version, the remote server also sends the local server updates and changes from its end. For example, a support call from the restaurant may require a support person to modify the restaurant menu. The support person does this by modifying the menu on the server, and in about 5 minutes, this change is manifested locally in the restaurant.
  • The synchronized hybrid system makes version updates a breeze. The changes are loaded to Our partners servers and in about 5 minutes, all the local severs are updated at all Our partners POS installations.
  • The hybrid model has many advantages over the local only or Internet only solutions. The local only solutions are at a considerable disadvantage when it comes to generating reports for multiple locations, when versions require updating and when support issues arise. Furthermore, the hybrid model reduces support costs significantly because when a customer reports a problem and it is solved, the software is updated for all customers and they will not repeat the same support call. There is no "known bug list" as the software is updated frequently. As its install base grows, the hybrid solution will allow Our partners to build valuable database of food related transactions and to provide additional services based on this database.
  • The Internet only solution suffers from three main problems. The first is reliability because of Internet outages. The second is latency. Because all transactions need to go over the Internet, there is no guaranteed response time. When a restaurant is busy, this may become a serious problem. The third issue is cost. Internet only solutions require a large investment in remote servers unlike the hybrid solution. Since every computation is made remotely, the computational load on the servers is large. In Our partners hybrid model, all computations are local and the remote servers only update a database.
  • Our partners online ordering solution for restaurants is an off-shot of its POS and is based on the same software libraries. For the restaurant owner, Our partners solution is hassle free. He can be up and running within 48 hours. He does not need to host and maintain the online ordering system but he also has a convenient interface to modify the website on the fly. Customers are reporting that Our partners offering is easy and intuitive to use.


Mobile Payment Devices

If you like to hear more about our mobile payments solutions, please click here.


Traditional Payment Devices

Terminals are very industry specific, they vary from Contactless, to Countertop to Wireless or Mobile and have different functionalities in the retail, hospitality, healthcare, multi-lane and many other environments...

We can board every PCI compliant terminal that is available:

  • Hypercom
  • Verifone
  • FD
  • Ingenico
  • Nurit
  • Exadigm
  • Linkpoint and others...

If your current terminal is PCI compliant, we can reprogram your equipment.

We also offer rental and leases, all for very affordable rates...

Learn More about the VX520 Solution





Description: Exadign


The Vx 610 is a portable, battery-powered payment device with exceptional performance and high-end functionality. It uses the latest wireless technologies-CDMA and GPRS-and has advanced security with PCI PED approval.


The PCI PED approved Vx 570 also takes performance to the next power. With an exceptionally readable display, it combines superior speed and power in order to offer quick and reliable payment processing via several connectivity options. Its increased memory size supports a wide range of value-added applications and EMV smart card transactions.


This attractive all-in-one device features everything you need to easily and securely process payments. The VX 520 supports a full range of payment types including credit, debit, EBT and gift cards.


The Vx 510 is the PCI PED and EMV approved entry-point countertop solution that provides extraordinary performance in a sleek, compact design.

Please contact us for more information on our additional products below:

  • Mobile solutions
  • Wireless solutions
  • Online solutions
  • Level II and Level III solutions