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Credit/Debit Card Processing

  • Fair pricing and full disclosure of fees and agreement terms
  • Fast access to funds
  • Round-the-clock service
  • One-stop payments processing
  • Gift Cards / Loyalty Cards
  • Virtual Terminals, Recurring billing
  • Level II and Level III processing
  • Easy Plugin for Quickbooks

Mobile Processing

Want to compare 2 Square?!

(For Micro through Medium volume customers)

Are you looking for a "Flat" or "Clear and Simple" pricing method

Check Management

(Through Our Strategic Partners)

  • Scan and electronically convert checks from your office
  • Improve your cash flow by having funds credited to your account(s) quickly

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Payroll Services

(Through Our Strategic Partners)

  • Remote access to payroll anytime, anywhere via SSL-encrypted and secure internet access
  • A fixed-price agreement guaranteeing payroll processing fees
  • No fees for deletions or additions of employees
  • Tax specialists on staff who ensure processing and filing compliance
  • A dedicated, skilled account and Tax specialist
  • A full suite of value added solutions including, QuickBooks, Time and attendance, POS integration and Workers' Compensation programs

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Gift and Loyalty Programs

(Through Our Strategic Partners)

Billboard in a Wallet

  • Replace Paper Gift Certificates
  • Eliminates Gift Certificate Fraud
  • Track the success of specific marketing campaigns
  • The Hybrid Card eliminates the need to print both a Gift Card and a Reward Card.
  • Develop an E-mail database
  • Detailed Loyalty Reports
  • Promotion on Demand Technology
  • Customized "Thank You" e-mails
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • SMS mobile Marketing


(Through Our Strategic Partners)

Typical Loans from $5,000 - $150,000

  • Quick 1 page application
  • Preliminary approval within 5 minutes providing different possible options
  • Quick funding, once account is approved and option has been chosen, funding within 2 business days

Early Termination Fee

We don't believe in holding people hostage by virtue of an ETF, so we just don't have one...

Next Day Funding

Get Your Money into Your Hands With Ultimate, we offer next day funding (please ask us about our program).

Our average funding can take up to 36-hours, the funds from batches you close in the evening will generally be in your bank account on the morning of the day after. This means all funds from all cards, including American Express (please ask us about AMEX OnePoint program), saving you unnecessary hold days and simplifying tracking and reconciliation on one statement.

Full Disclosure Pricing

At Ultimate, we pride ourselves on total transparency: There are many ways in our industry to price merchants, from Qualified, Mid-Qualified and Non-Qualified rates to Tier III or Tier IV pricing. Here at Ultimate we price all our merchants with a 100% Pass through Interchange Plus Pricing, the most detailed and transparent pricing model in our industry.

We tell the whole truth up front, and disclose all costs, including those you would never think of asking about. We will not offer teaser rates, low qualified-only rates, or other tricks that will end up costing you more on your "Effective Rate" - the bottom-line amount you actually pay every month.

Multiple forms of payment processing

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Electronic Checks
  • Gift/Loyalty Cards
  • Automatic Recurring Payments
  • ACH
  • Payroll Processing
  • Lending

We offer additional solutions for:

  • Internet Gateways
  • Online Shopping Carts
  • Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO)
  • B2B (Level II & Level III processing)

Ultimate Payment Solutions has trained experts in B2B Level II & Level III Processing


If you are currently accepting corporate, purchasing & Government cards from your clients, you really need to talk to us. We can show you how to significantly* lower your processing cost by processing Level 3 data through our system. With a few simple steps, you will qualify for significant lower Interchange fees and your client will have a detailed description of the goods purchased.

Our online solution is really quite simple to learn, extremely effective and allows you to operate your business more efficiently.

Call us today and ask to speak to our B2B specialist, who can answer all your questions.

*Significant Savings varies, depending on current system being used, average ticket and volume.


QB Plugin for QuickBooks®

A fully integrated and secure payment software, giving you the freedom to choose your processor of choice and pay lower processing fees!


  • Process Credit Cards
  • Process ACH
  • Process EFT
  • Process Checks
  • Real-time transactions
  • Integrates directly with your QuickBooks® software
  • Reduce Bookkeeping Time and Expenses
  • Process payments directly from invoices
  • Process multiple invoices
  • Automatically applies payments
  • Eliminate paperwork
  • Never drive to the bank again for deposits